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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe And Hygienic For Your Child

Tips To Keep Your Home Safe And Hygienic For Your Child Article  - April 2018 Having children at home not only brings joy and fun but also calls for greater safety and responsible planning of space in order to keep them safe. For couples, with with children, planning to  buy a residential property in  India, it is mandatory to know if the property is childproof or not. In case, you plan to buy a property which is not childproof yet, ensure that you take necessary measures to make it childproof before you move in. The childproofing can be done by hiring professionals who are well-equipped and have the knowledge about how the  property can be safe for your child. Credits : Importance of childproofing At the growing age, children are curious about their environment and the things around them. Whether it is a toddler or a four-year-old, the home is a huge playground where their imagination runs wild. This also means that there can be multiple places in your

Top 5 Home Preparation Tips Before Unpacking

From deep purging to fixing the repairs, moving into a  new home  calls for attention to minute details. We shares list of things you should strictly follow to prepare the new house afore unpacking. Despite the ex-homeowner conducting all requisite upgrades including deep purging, it is necessary to participate in the cleaning process and assure that the  new apartment  is completely unsoiled and safe for your family. We brings you the list of areas that are usually ignored by the landlord and can risk your family’s safety and health. Credits : Prepare the Home before unpacking: Clean everything above your head Ceiling fans, blinds and chandeliers could be the major dust receptacles and should be treated before unpacking the boxes. Doing this will prevent the floating dust from settling on your favorite furniture and accessories. To ensure an effective cleaning process, first dry mop the blades and blinds, followed by slightly wet mop. Deep purge the